FL-Fotographics is a Photo and video Studio founded in 2009. We are located at 10 Pine Close S391010, within 3 minutes walking distance from Mounbatten MRT on the Circle Line.

Our trusted clients include Tefap, NAFA, Sopexa, Club V Holdings, Partymojo, Supersteam and Funtea. We have received numerous positive feedback from clients that opted for our services.

Being in the Photography industry for the past 10 years, we know what clients and partners look out for when engaging our services. We strive to make our servcies well worth your time, effort and money so that you have a breeze while going about with your photo shoot.

Having the right kind of visuals can translate to higher sales and benefit a business greatly. We believe that the craft of our professional team can help create the visuals that you need. Fully equipped with professional gears along with a spacious and conducive area to work in, our photography & videography expertise will guarantee you top notch satisfaction.


A Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. Alot of efforts, preparations from both families are involved in. 

The bride and groom have spent so much money and time planning for their wedding together with their friends and family members. So it’s natural they want to make the wedding as memorable and fun as they could. Their friends usually help out with some fun, jokes and games whereas the bride and groom are the main focus of the attention. Hence they should enjoy most of the time.

So what should a wedding photographer do?

The wedding photographer should be present when all this happens. Not only to take photos of the bride and groom but also their friends and family enjoying themselves. The photographer should be experience enough to know where and when to look for interesting photos as well as the intimate moments.

As there are no retakes to a wedding. The wedding photographer must capture all these moments that transpire before, during and after the wedding.

What are the Moments of the day?
Like the bride’s father taking a last look at his daughter and also the bride’s mom helping her daughter with her necklace. Finally it could also be the bride and groom sharing that special moment alone. 

My approached: an unobtrusive style to photography together with some informal portraiture. As a result I capture a mix of candid moments that reflect the moments, romance and uniqueness of the day.
And at the same time blending in seamlessly with your families and guests.


We photograph family  Portraits, Graduations Photo Shoots, Corporate Group & Individual Portraits  at FL-Fotographics too. We are capable in doing the photoshoot sessions in our Studio as well as outdoor. We have photographed for private clients as well as corporate clients like Supersteam, Yahoo and Onepeople.

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