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Wedding Photography for you

When you think about wedding photography, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it just taking snapshots of what takes place on the wedding day. It certainly sounds like it.

However, there are much more to wedding photography than just taking wedding photos.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime affair which requires alots of efforts ( I know that for sure ). From conceptions from both sides to preparations by the two families. A lot of people are involved in the planning and executions from the most mundane things to highly complex logistics of ferrying families and friends around on that 8 to 10 hours time zone. Needless to say, there’s no plans for retakes to a wedding. The wedding photographer has to be familiar with the days preceding and be ready to capture all that’s happening within the plan as well as those “aha ” moments … those memorable moments that occur before and after and not forgetting, moments during the wedding.

The wedding photographer has be present when all this happens. To take photos of the bride, groom and their families and close friends present who are there to celebrate your precious moments. The photographer should also know where and when to look for interesting photos. And if not, we ask for it. Strike a pose!

Having shot over 1500 wedding in the last 14 years, Fabian Leow, a Professional Wedding Photographer in Singapore has curated a personality of a non-intrusive, photojournalistic and candid approach to his photographic style. He will capture the small details and those unforgettable candid moments throughout the wedding day of the couples as well as the family and friends’ joyous expression in his own unique style.And being old school taught, he will pose couples during pre wedding for those classic shots that last a life time.

Professional Photography for Events

Event photography may sound easy. Just taking any shots which come into the purview of the camera. However event photography not that ! In professional photography , we work along side with the clients with a brief of what are the essential shots to take as well as the key moments, e.g a handshake right after the signing of a documents. A professional event photographer has to anticipate the lighting changes and perspectives of the backdrop which may mean a huge difference to what a photo of 2 person is. In short it is the art of taking high-quality and more importantly … Meaningful images during a wide variety of important occasions.

Events photography includes a simple personal events like birthday and anniversary to large public celebrations like corporate events, galas, and award ceremonies. With over 14 years of professional Photography experience and shot over 2500 events, we are confident to be able to manage photography for your events, conferences and media releases.

Make it Awesome with us group photo with professional Event Photographer

Our trusted clients include Tefap, NAFA, Sopexa, Club V Holdings, Partymojo, Supersteam and Funtea. We have received numerous positive feedback from clients that opted for our services.

Firstly I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful services you have provided on the 7 Jan. The event was a great success and practically most of the invited guests were flocking to our Photo Booth. Your professional services ( Photobooth + Photographer + Videographer ) were great !

Woodlands Transport – DND

Dear Fabian, Thank you for the photos and videos. They are great and your services has been excellent! I will certainly consider you for future events.

Hi Fabian, Me and Joanna would like to thank you for the great job, we absolutely love your work! Especially when your readiness in accepting our story platen such short notice. Thank you for making our wedding video such a pleasant one.

Nicky & Joanna – Wedding

Morning Fabian. We just watched the video over breakfast and it brought tears to our eyes. Fabian we could not be happier and could not have ask for a better videographer. Thank you!

Deborah & Thus – Wedding

Ho Fabian, Wanted to say Thank you for your partnership with us during the past 3 SPH events. Without which we wouldn’t be able to get such awesome shots!

AMC asia

FL Fotographics is a Photography Studio founded in 2010. The FL in the name stands for the initials of Fabian Leow which is the name and surname of its founder. Fotographics was conceive as a combination of the Spanish word “Foto” which means “photos” in English and the “graphics” which stands for creativity.

In FL-Fotographics, we believe that the craft of our professional team can help shape the visuals and capture the moments needed. Fully equipped with professional gears along with a capable and enthusiastic attitude, our photography & videography expertise will make sure that you get top notch satisfaction.

The name of the company therefore exemplifies the ideal creative approach to photography from its founder Fabian Leow.

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